15 Reasons to buy Galaxy S4 over iPhone 5

If you are a person who moves on with time, like to be surrounded with latest technology rather to stick with the old & outdated ones thet Galaxy S4 should be your next choice. Here are some reasons, why you should look towards Galaxy S4 rather then opting for iPhone 5:-

  1. Better Display
  2. S-Health Feature for Fitness Freaks
  3. 13MP Camera
  4. Bigger Display
  5. Faster Processor
  6. Customizable Homescreen
  7. Google's Clobbered Siri
  8. More Memory
  9. A Removable Battery
  10. Expandable Storage
  11. Gesture and Eye Control
  12. Better Multitasking
  13. NFC Support
  14. Story Album Feature
  15. And it can act as a Remote Control

Specs Comparison Table: