Top disadvantage of Apple iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 plus is the best iPhone which holds the #1 position in the entire mobile market. But also has some nuisance of this phone and you must be know before you have it.

1. The Price is so High – The iPhone 6 plus prices is too high and not suits to budgets.

2. iOS 8 Bugs – It has so many problem that user facing everyday like Third-party keyboards, multitasking gestures, frequent crashes of the Settings app, Apple's own native keyboard, iMessage glitches, laggy notifications and overall sluggishness.

3. Lack of features – The smartphone market is divided in two parts; android and iPhone. And iPhone lack of NFC, video chat and custom keyboards and not support microSD card.

4. No dust proof – All latest smartphones are dust proof but this iPhone is not dust proof.

5. No water proof – The iPhone 6 plus is no water proof.

6. Use less camera - Its camera has a lot of bugs.